I value a simplistic life that places a higher emphasis on relationships rather than things.

Hi, I'm Dawn

I envision an online space where informed, conscious, out of the box thinkers, who are aware of their impact on the world, can gather and interact without news headlines, cyberbullying, politics, or any negative content. A place where socially aware people, who are willing to try to improve their lives, can have more ownership and control over their own content. A new social media platform where members, coaches, nutritionists, holistic healers and eco-friendly businesses can exchange ideas, share experiences, motivate one another, and work toward shared goals. 

I also dream of a world where food is growing inside and outside of everyone’s homes. People aren’t hungry. Cities plant fruit and nut trees for the entire community, and our landscaping is a smorgasbord. I want indoor food systems to become normal, so children can walk over and pick a cucumber, tomato, or radish, as opposed to pre-packaged cookies, crackers, or chips. 

It takes a generation to implement change of this magnitude, but if I start now, by teaching people and families to grow things, as natural as possible, I can live in a world where disease is minimized, and health is optimized. I understand that the goals I have may seem lofty, but I believe that they are absolutely attainable for people who hold values near and dear to their hearts. Change starts out small, but the impacts on the world can be huge!

Sharing a smile doesn’t cost you a thing, and it’s the biggest investment you can make!

My ultimate mission is to create an ad free social media platform that is positive, uplifting, and meant to better humanity. I am committed to holding a space for others while they chart a new path to a better life. I intend to help others move out of fear-based living and into a place of harmony and thriving. 

I want to show others how to transform their thoughts and interactions in order to create a happier life for themselves and those around them. By teaching others how to get back to nature, reset their focus of life through a lens of compassion and love, I know I can be the catalyst that creates a world of people who are living their most optimal life. 

It is my passion to guide others on their journey of finding their own divine purpose. I know that it starts with teaching others how to move from the victim of circumstances role to emotionally balanced individuals.

"Her happiness floated like waves of ocean along the coast of her life"

~Santosh Kalwar

What Others Have to Say

Lea Grundhoffer,

“I’ve known Dawn for over 10 years and worked with her on a number of different projects. She is genuine, honest and cares deeply about others. She strives to improve the world around her!”

Robin Peskin,
Media Consultant

“What can I say about Dawn…Simply stated, she is fantastic! She has been extremely responsive and thorough during my engagement with her.”

Rebekah Simon-Peter,
Transformation Leader & Author

“Dawn is a creative, committed professional who specializes in eco-friendly solutions. She has gone the extra mile to obtain training that puts her at the forefront. As far as I know, no one else is doing what Dawn is doing.”