My Dream: Solving the Social Media Dilemma 


Sometimes, in this crazy world, we just have to dream BIG dreams. What seems impossible is only as impossible as the limitations we put around the very thing we’re dreaming about. I’ve always been a huge fan of making things better, not always going along with the status quo, and finding an alternate way when things appear broken to me. This is exactly what brought me to my biggest dream, desire, and decision . . . to start a new (and better) social media platform.

Current State of Affairs  

My experiences with social media over the past year weren’t meeting up to my desired state. With the world immersed in a pandemic, what I really wanted to see on my social media feed was true engagement and positive conversations between friends and colleagues. I had a strong inclination to uplift and connect with others, while we were all living in a state of limbo. Collectively, the world needed a hand-up, not added negativity. As the year unfolded, we were bombarded with news of the pandemic, including up to the minute updates on death tolls and infection rates. As if that was not stressful enough to digest, press conferences, rioting, political divisiveness and . . . well, you were there, so I’ll stop now. It got me thinking that there HAD to be a better way, but I didn’t know what that looked like – yet.

A New Hope

Last January, I had the privilege of attending an amazing retreat through the Health Coach Institute graduate program I was participating in. I came home feeling re-energized and incredibly inspired!  That’s when my idea began to grow . . . Why not create a social media platform for people who are striving to live their best life? A place where members, from all walks of life, could truly engage and work together to do good things in the world. A place where people could both access and learn more about health and life coaching; where companies doing positive things in the world could be highlighted; where non-profit organizations could be supported by expansive giving back; where members (not users) were truly protected from constant ad bombardment, data mining, and their information being sold off.

I wanted uplifting engagement, transparency, as well as the opportunity to focus on what truly matters. What is most important for me is to have a ripple effect of uplifting positivity in the world. That was the start of my big dream. Now, I am acting on it. I’m becoming the catalyst by taking a stand for people everywhere, in every social class, of every ethnicity . . . EVERY human being! I am shouting, “I have a better way, and I know it’s possible.”  

With your help, we CAN make a difference in our homes, communities, organizations, and the world around us. We can collectively come together and support each other through this amazing thing called life and look at it for the true gift it is. It starts with one idea, one great idea, and that can morph into the place where we all unite and focus on the things that have significance to us; things we want to see evolve into something bigger and better.

A Better Way

Imagine no negativity being tolerated. No cyberbullying. No horrible break-up videos where the blindfolded person thinks they are getting an amazing surprise, even though it’s really setting them up for a traumatic event. No tracking of your data and having it sold to third parties. No constant ads in the member feed. No current news headlines. No fake news. Instead, only posts with a positive purpose.  Let’s be honest; you are NOT a product to be mined and sold. You should NOT be subjected to the whims of billionaires who determine what you see and who you connect with. You have far more power and worth than you even realize. I’m giving you the option to use that power to improve your own life. Some options on the platform will be transformative to the status quo and inspired by your requests, while others will be throwbacks from a simpler time.

So, how can you get in on this improved social media platform? It is easy! Just sign up on the website: right now!  Go to the “PH2-Coming Soon” tab and add your name to the list to become a beta tester. We are currently in the building and marketing phases, but I will soon be releasing information on the launch date, as well as the next steps toward our crowdfunding campaign. By signing up, you will receive weekly updates that are conveniently delivered to your email.   

I’m taking a stand for you. If you want to take a stand for yourself, your data, and your life, then please join me in making my big dream a part of your reality.  If we can come together and raise the standard for each other, we can create a better outcome for all of our futures.