Pure Health and Happiness

This is Where it All Begins!

This is where your journey of self-care, health, happiness and wellness begins.  You’re about to embark on an individualized journey with me as your guide. Together we will set and work toward sustainable goals. As a Certified Health Coach and Master of Habit Change, my passion revolves around helping others find their true potential.   


Caring for yourself to be the best version of you.


It’s contagious and attainable.


Creating a lifestyle you love to maintain.


Taking control of the things in your life that make a big impact.

Hi, I'm Dawn

Everyone struggles in this fast paced world to put themselves first when it comes to self care. I want to lift you up and get you started on your transformation journey in a way that is right for you.
I bring a deep level of understanding and empathy to my clients and form strong bonds with them.
My greatest joy in coaching is when I help a client have an ah-ha moment and breakthrough to something they’re passionate about.  Achieving success is about helping others to do the same.

Sharing a smile doesn’t cost you a thing and it’s the biggest investment you can make!

My Beliefs

I believe that health starts in the mind and it’s a choice: I can choose to add things to my body that will make me feel good or I can choose options that aren’t optimum.  

I believe strong nutrition will help people attain health and longevity.  Identifying less than wholesome food can help you embrace the foods that are right for you.  Think about all the good things you CAN HAVE and how much better you will feel emotionally and physically.

I believe in building a new generation of healthy eaters.  Living and modeling a lifestyle of wholeness will lead to a cultural shift in the dynamics and thought processes of our society.  Leading the next generation into a healthy, proactive lifestyle could be the key to our future!

Meet Chef Mark

Chef Mark is working to eat the rainbow each day and share his knowledge of healthy food choices with his friends.  Our youngest child developed an interest in cooking at the young age of four and is often ready to create and try something new with me!  He shares this love of cooking with his grandmothers, father, older siblings and of course me. Sign up below to receive more information on my Eating the Rainbow program for kids and families.

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The 3 Month Program

Social change takes a generation. So start now.

Your complete transformation starts here! You’re ready to transform your health, happiness, and wellness, and I am ready to provide consistent guidance and accountability. 3 months is the optimal amount of time to break free from your unhealthy patterns and to see, feel, and experience incredible results. Don’t let lack of sleep or low energy hold you back or tie you down, any longer.


Contact me for a free consultation. We will talk for a while and then set up your first appointment. 


A complete assessment of your health and lifestyle, eating habits and preferences; then we will outline your specific personal goals.


Set up weekly checkins surrounding your personal tailored plan. I’ll provide insight, inspiration, support and accountability to help you feel your best.

What Is Health Coaching?

I am a certified health coach. My programs are designed around a one-on-one weekly check-ins and consulting services. I work with you to assess your starting point, and provide customized, actionable support to help you achieve your health goal, whether its transitioning to a vegetarian, incorporating exercise into your daily life, working to create a toxin-free home, or whatever is your goal. I will help you create new, long-term healthy habits.
Your weekly check-ins will include accountability, assessment of goal progress, nutrition education, addressing any challenges or problem areas, answering any food and nutrition questions that may have come up, and helping you to stay motivated and inspired!

I can work with you in person, or provide the same high quality coaching services via phone, Skype or Zoom. It’s all about what works for you. 


Sign up below to receive more information on my Eating the Rainbow program for kids and families.

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MY Pledge
to you

I am 100% dedicated to you and your journey to Pure Health. You’re not just another customer and to ensure you receive my time and dedication I only work with a specific number of clients. I will go the extra mile to support you and make sure you’re staying on track to meet your goals. I promise, that this investment will change your life!

Lea Grundhoffer, Entrepreneur

"I've known Dawn for over 10 years and worked with her on a number of different projects. She is genuine, honest and cares deeply about others. She strives to improve the world around her!"

rebekah Simon-Peter, Transformation Leader & Author

"Dawn is a creative, committed professional who specializes in eco-friendly solutions. She has gone the extra mile to obtain training that puts her at the forefront. As far as I know, no one else is doing what Dawn is doing."

Robin Peskin, Media Consultant

'What can I say about Dawn...Simply stated, she is fantastic! She has been extremely responsive and' thorough during my engagement with her.

Let's Get Started!

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